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KPuzzle - Obtaining, compiling & installing it

KPuzzle is Open Source Software and may be downloaded free of charge by anybody. There are various download locations, the primary one is the SF download system.

I will provide sources only in the .tar.bz2 format. If anyone wants to make source RPMs or similar, please write me. The same applies if someone wishes to create binary packages.

Thomas Kappler has created a Debian package of KPuzzle. It is built for the current unstable branch, has passed the checks done by lintian and should conform to Debian standards.
You can find it on the SF download system or at the Homepage of Thomas Kappler, where you will also find additional information. Debian Mentors does not host binaries any more.

If you want to build KPuzzle from the sources, download the packages from the first table. For compiling, you must do the following things. Assume that you are in the directory where the downloaded file kpuzzle-0.4.tar.bz2 lies.

tar xjvf kpuzzle-0.4.tar.bz2
cd kpuzzle-0.4

su -c "make install"
For more information on installing KPuzzle, read the Install file in the download package. The commands may differ on non-GNU/Linux systems, but in this case, I suppose you know how to change them appropiately.

Additional pictures for use with KPuzzle

There will be several additional picture sets for download. At the moment, there are two of them.

Please make sure you read the README files before starting the download, and the LICENSE files at least before using the pictures.

Additional pictures
File name Author/Website Readme &c. Content
jameyson.tar.bz2 J. Andrew Jameyson
Seven works, drawn with different drawing techniques, showing fantasy scenes.
desktopdreams.tar.bz2 "The Dream Team"
A collection of different pieces of artwork. Enjoy!

Michael Wand
Last modified: September 5, 2004