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KPuzzle - The features

This is an incomplete collection of KPuzzle's features:

  • Possibility of using every picture without restrictions
  • Full saving/loading support
  • Internationalization/localization support
  • Various types of playing and various levels of difficulty

Of these, the last feature is of special importance, as it makes possible games of very different character. You may play a quiet training game as well as one in which every second counts. Specifically, KPuzzle allows you five game type settings:

  • Standard: There is nothing special about it, just solve the game before your time runs out.
  • Piece-Time: You have a certain time to position every piece. When the time runs out for this piece, it will not be shown in the piece list any more, and you will not be able to finish the game.
  • Faults-Count: You have only got a certain number of trials to position your piece. When the counter of tolerated faults for one piece has reached zero, the piece will no more appear in the piece list (as above).
  • Global-Faults: There exists a global counter of the faults you have made.
  • Unbearable: You have got a certain time to put any piece at its position, but the piece shown changes automatically! Every not-yet-placed piece will appear a certain number of times (which depends on the overall difficulty setting).

KPuzzle is delivered with various pictures and photos, but you are strongly encouraged to use every picture you like. If you have a picture which you like very much, please submit it to me, so that I may include it in the distribution.

Michael Wand
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