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KPuzzle - Links to other pages

This page intends to collect some links to other net pages which may be of importance to KPuzzle users.

Programming environment of KPuzzle
The Homepage of the KDE project
Contains information about KDE, download locations and links to other interesting KDE programs.
WWW Site of Trolltech, the QT developers
Offers the opportunity to download QT as well as help for programming with this library.


Sites which offer pictures you might want to use
Calls itself the "largest SF&F art and fiction site in the world". Well, there are definitely lots of cool pictures worth a visit, but they're uncountable ;-)
Art by J.A. Jameyson
One of the artists at Elfwood. Some of his pictures are available for download here.
Desktop Dreams
A site with very beautyful pictures of different genres, some of which are now available for download here.
Digital Blasphemy
This site is well-known for high-quality graphic.
Very nice photos from real places. May be a nice change after all these computer-generated pictures.
The Demon Image Archive
Although parts of this archive are not public, there are still many beautyful images.
Wallpaper Magic
A very nice German site.


Links to other Linux gaming sites
The Linux Games Tome
One of the two probably most important Linux gaming sites. Contains announcements of new and updated games, as well as many links.
Even Penguins want to have Fun! - The second one of the two most important Linux gaming sites. Has many information about programming libraries for Linux. And many links, of course.
The #1 Linux Software site.
The Linux Game Development Center
Gives much information about game development (I've done much too few of the things recommended there).


Links to everywhere
Homepage of The Most Important Free Software Project. Recommended lecture for every Linux User (you'll know it already, I suppose).
The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Does not have to do with KPuzzle, but fights for the most basic rights of the Internet "Population". Because of its importance, this link should be found everywhere.

Michael Wand
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