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KPuzzle - A KDE jigsaw puzzle game


KPuzzle is a jigsaw puzzle game for the KDE environment. The current version is based on KDE 3 and QT 3, so it should work with every minor release of KDE 3 and QT 3. There are no dependencies on other libraries or programs. For compiling information please read the Download section.

KPuzzle allows various ways of playing the game, as well as various difficulty levels. You can use the pictures delivered with KPuzzle, but you may play with every picture you wish, of course.
Furthermore, there are some picture sets which you can download separately. Look at the download section.

In August 2004, the 0.4 version of KPuzzle has been released. It mainly is a port of the source code to KDE 3, I did not add any new features. This version, although not called 1.0, seems to be sufficiently stable for everyday use, even though it has not been tested on very many systems. Therefore, you are still invited to send bug reports to Feature requests are welcome as well, but I have got much other work in this time, so I suppose I will code new features only if they are easily integrated in the current code.



2004/08/03:KPuzzle 0.4 is out. This new version mainly makes KPuzzle playable with KDE 3, it does not add any new features, as I am engaged in real life at the moment. Nonetheless, I will try to make the KDE 4 port in time ;-). You may download the source code as indicated on the download page.

Older news: Have a look at the archive.


How can I help?

KPuzzle still may be improved, and there are a lot of things you can do. Every help is welcome, and if you cannot help because of any reason, although you find the game great and worthy of being supported, just send me an e-mail to cheer me up;-)!

First of all, a jigsaw puzzle game lives from pictures. Unfortunately, I'm no great artist, so if you have any pictures which are appropiate for KPuzzle (i.e. the game is solvable with them), send them to me so I may include them. If you have links to usable free pictures, send them to me, too.

If you wish to help programming, it's best to mail me first, so that we agree upon what to do and in which way.

Translators are always needed, too. For instance, the documentation and this website are not yet translated into German, and nothing at all has yet been translated into other languages. If you want to translate the GUI, make sure that its internationalization already works. I think translating the documentation is easier than translating the GUI and may suffice for most users, as the GUI is quite self-explaining.


E-Mail, Hosting

The KPuzzle Mailing List

The KPuzzle mailing list is no longer maintained. Which you probably won't notice at all, as there was only spam on that list recently. Please mail me directly if there is anything you wish to tell.



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