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2004/04/xx:KPuzzle 0.4 is out. This new version mainly makes KPuzzle playable with KDE 3, it does not add any new features, as I am engaged in real life at the moment. Nonetheless, I will try to make the KDE 4 port in time ;-). You may download the source code as indicated on the download page.

2001/05/21: Many new news items! First of all, KPuzzle 0.3 is out! For the first time, there is a KPuzzle RPM available, too. Have a look at the download page for ways of obtaining KPuzzle.
Second, there is a new picture set for KPuzzle. It is an excerpt of the pictures from Desktop Dreams ( Thanks a lot to "The Dream Team" for allowing me to distribute some of their pictures. As always, go to the download page for getting them - you have to go there anyway.
Third, there is an archive of news items now, as they have become too many to show them all on this page, which will only show the five most recent messages from now on.

2001/05/13: The first set of additional KPuzzle pictures is available for download now! Please have a look at the download page for information.
The pictures have been drawn by J. Andrew Jameyson <>; his gallery may be found at The Elfwood Fantasy Gallery. Thanks to him for allowing me to redistribute his pictures!

2001/04/21: I hope you've had happy easter holidays:-). KPuzzle is still under active development, and I'd like to annouce that the release of KPuzzle 0.3 is not far away. This release will finally bring working i18n support to KPuzzle (although until now, only the GUI has been translated to German). The stability has been improved, too. And when I'm ready with programming the new version, I promise I'll learn how to make an RPM file.
Furthermore, I expect I'll be able to redistribute some artwork of other authors which works well with KPuzzle very soon. This helps those players who don't want to search the entire internet for good pictures.
Third, there now exists a KPuzzle mailing list. See below for information on how to subscribe.

2001/04/02: You may now download KPuzzle at the SourceForge mirror. The mirror now works, too. Please refer to the Download section for more information.

2001/03/29: I am currently moving to Sourceforge. This is due mainly to the fact that the old address at T-Online is far too cryptic for potential users. It gives me more webspace, too, which will allow me to provide KPuzzle as RPM. Until new notice, the website will be mirrored at the old address, however.
The new address of KPuzzle is:

2001/03/02: I've added a new screenshot, this time with a photo from the city of Dublin.

2001/02/19: KPuzzle 0.2 finally is released! I now have ported the game to KDE 2, so we are well prepared for the future. There are many new features in the new version, so I highly recommend upgrading. For details, read the Changelog.

Besides, I have tried to improve the code structure, so that the code is more readable and understandable. This should make bug tracking easier, too.

2001/02/19: The KPuzzle Homepage is out in the public! Together with the release of KPuzzle 0.2, this site is published to inform the user about KPuzzle, give a first glimpse of the game and offer a download location.

Michael Wand
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